Gems Meaning A to Z




Agate is a versatile crystal, used to benefit many areas of your life. Stones in the Agate family offer several benefits of the body, mind and soul, in a wide variety of colors. These stones ground your emotions, promoting well-being,  and helping the wearer find their true path in life. Reminds you to keep a positive mindset and provides mental strength to enhance your creativity and expression. It also is a symbol of luck and courage.

Happiness & Positivity / Emotions & Balance / Luck & Courage / Focus & Productivity / Protection & Grounding / Creativity & Expression


Fire Agate helps with change and new beginnings.  It is particularly helpful for those going through major life changes or seeking to make changes in their lives. Bringing ease and an inner sense of peace with the transitioning from the past and embracing the future. This stone boosts your courage and enjoyment of life, to be able to face those new challenges on the journey ahead.

Change & Growth / Increase Passion & Enthusiasm / Self-Confidence / New Beginnings / Creativity & Spontaneity / Emotions & Balance / Calm & Peace



 Amazonite can help promote feelings of self-worth and inner peace. This stone is also said to be helpful in providing stability for those who are feeling out of control, giving a sense of clarity and calmness. Our heart and throat Chakra become linked, thus allowing the truest thoughts to surface and be spoken with ease. Emotions usually play a role when trying to express any truth, making it naturally hard to speak from the heart due to the power of the mind. Let this stone give you strength and inner clarity.

Truth & Communication / Strength & Self-Confidence / Facing Fears / Success / Clarity & Calmness / Self-worth & Inner peace



Amethyst has been used for centuries to promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing. It is known as nature’s tranquilizer, returning to a state of calm, peace and serenity. It eliminates and protects from negative energy, replacing it with inner peace and contentment. It also increases spiritual awareness, opening the crown chakra to promote spiritual growth and enhance intuition

Intuition & Inner Peace / Protection Against Negative Energy / Spiritual Awareness & Growth / Calm & Serenity


Green Aventurine has been known for bringing good luck and success for centuries, but it also harmonizes one's energy. 

This stone of opportunity keeps the body calm when urging you to get out of your comfort zone. Things may be uncomfortable at first, but let this stone take you on an adventure and grow you as an individual.

When manifesting your dreams, users hold a piece of Green Aventurine to attract these desires and bring them good luck, prosperity and good fortune.

Optimism - Harmonizes Energy - Wealth & Success -  Luck & Good Fortune - Abundance - Attraction - Opportunities



Hematite is one of the most powerful grounding stones, rooting your body and mind back to Earth. This stone makes you feel safe and secure, dissolving fear and anxiety. For empaths who soak up other people's bad moods, or feel their emotions get the better of them, hematite provides strength to keep you in the present moment and from being overwhelmed. Take a moment each day with Hematite, to center your energy and keep the right frame of mind. 

*Disclaimer* Hematite can tarnish on some people

EMF protection / Transmutation of Negative Energies / Grounding & Balancing  Energy / Strength & Clarity / Safe & Secure


Howlite is a healing crystal, used to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. It's known for its calming and soothing effect, bringing relief to those struggling with stress, anxiety, headaches or lack of sleep. By helping heal emotional trauma, Howlite soaks up fears and negative energies pushing away overactive thoughts and stress, allowing the mind to be calm for a peaceful night's rest.

Peace & Calmness / Stress & Mental Strength / Sleep & Insomnia / Releases Anxiety & Negative Emotions




Jade combines inner clarity with luck and success. Brings you protection and luck on your journey to fearlessly pursue your dreams, so your able to live a fulfilling life. Helps identify your strengths and passions which manifests your time and energy into success.

Confidence & Courage / Good Luck and Success / Wellbeing & Longevity / Healing & Protection / Spiritual & Intuition



White Jade is believed to promote inner peace and serenity. This timeless stone of purity and beauty is known for centuries for its emotional healing benefits. Its protective quality brings balance and tranquility to the body, mind and soul. By bringing clarity and calming the mind, it promotes focus and concentration, making it an excellent choice for those struggling with depression or anxiety. 

Inner Peace & Serenity / Balance & Tranquility / Clarity / Focus & Concentration /Wellbeing & Longevity / Protection / Emotional Healing


Taiwan jade is a type of jade that is said to bring good luck and wealth. It is also known as a stone of love and can help to open the heart chakra. This combination gives inner clarity, helping identify your passions and strengths, to pursue your dreams and live a fulfilling life. 

Good Luck & Wealth / Inner Clarity & Joy / Confidence & Courage / Success & Abundance / Good Fortune


Lava Rock

Lava Stone is made from the earth's core and is one of the most powerful grounding stones. This stone is helpful in releasing negative emotions and stress, promoting calm and peace. Carrying a Lava Stone keeps your energy grounded and focused, while promoting strength and courage during difficult times. Due to its porous surface, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to your stones.

Grounding & Calming / Diffuser for Oils / Releases Stress & Anxiety / Strength & Courage



Moonstone is a stone of inner growth, strength and new beginnings. Soothing emotional instability, stress and providing a sense of calmness. By reminding you to balance your emotions, it pulls strength from the harmony within. This comfort stone brings you in touch with your inner and  intuitive spirit, to pave the way for growth thru change and self-discovery.

emotions & balance / strength & self-confidence / stress & mental strength / growth / self-care /  change & new beginnings



Snowflake Obsidian brings balance and confidence by grounding one’s mind. This stone connects you to the earth to keep you focused and keep your mind from wandering endlessly. For ones who find themself constantly procrastinating or in a “day-dream” state, keeping this stone on hand may help bring focus and determination to the task at hand, bringing your mind back to reality.

Strength & Self-Confidence / Change & New Beginnings /  Emotions & Balance / Grounding / Focus & Determination


Rose Quartz

 Rose Quartz promotes love, peace, and compassion. It is  said to be helpful for healing relationships and promoting self-love, particularly in healing grief over the loss of love. Overall, Rose Quartz is a stone of pure love, awakening the heart to its purest loving potential, allowing one to find love for themselves and others. Keep this stone connected to you to attract more positivity, abundance, joy, intimacy, while healing any emotional wounds. 

Self-Love & Inner Peace / Calming & Patience / Love & Relationships / Joy & Happiness / Kindness & Empathy / Forgiveness 



Sodalite is often referred to as the stone of peace and insight. It brings a sense of calm for the mind  in times of anxiety and panic, by balancing your energy. This crystal encourages self-esteem, self-confidence and focus, helping you trust your judgment and better understand your thoughts

peace & calmness / focus & productivity / truth & communication / strength & self confidence / emotions & balance / self-esteem & self-acceptance & self-trust



Turquoise is a symbol of truth, courage and communication, bringing emotional balancing of serenity and peace. This is a stone that assists people who have social anxiety, are shy, or need help in vocalizing their opinion and communicating better. Carry it with you in times of uncomfortable situations and public speaking to reduce overall anxiety and stress. For those who are feeling burnt out or weighed down by everyday stress, it can be used for calming the body and mind.

emotions & balance / stress & mental strength / anxiety & depression / truth & communication