Product Care Page

  • To ensure the best care, roll the bracelet on or off your wrist, instead of pulling or stretching the elastic cord and beads.
  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions, oils and any hair products. Always put your jewelry on after these products
  • Take your jewelry off before you go into any water.
  •  If you accidentally get your bracelet wet, dry as soon as possible. 
  • Store in a clean, dry place.


G O L D  P L A T E D

  • Plated pieces are solid sterling silver that are dipped in gold, then sealed with a top coating. Over time, wear will cause the colour of the plating to fade. To preserve the plating, it is recommended that you remove your jewelry while showering, washing your hands, or dealing with household chemicals and lotions. Store in a sealed or airtight bag when not wearing.


  • Although natural gemstones are resilient, they are not immune from scratches or chipping if dropped or neglected. It is recommended to keep jewelry in a soft case or cloth bag while not being worn.